TV Tropes


I confess that I watch too much television. When one starts analyzing commercials, it is way past time for an intervention. Consider this before condemning my harmless habit–the airways have been inundated by drug companies pushing pills,medical devices and remedies with all manner of disgusting side-effects. Did you know that Depends now come in fashion colors? Or that catheters are now available lubricated and in handy pocket sized containers? The “over-active bladder” is represented by a friendly animated creature who skips alongside and resembles a bloated red M&M. A British chick dares you to “go commando” after using her brand of toilet tissue, and men old enough to know better tout their enhanced libido after using dubious off the shelf products. Advertisers also update old ailments with trendy names–thus emphysema etc is now COPD, and male performance problems are called ED. So much friendlier than the alternative.
AARP which is seeking to expand its base, airs commercials showing youthful members who track down fraud, frolic in the sea and enjoy the hell out life. No Senior Centers in their universe.
It is difficult to believe that these travesties work but advertisers are a cagy lot (remember Mad Men) who are unlikely to spend money without results. Personally I will never approach my physician armed with a list of potions and pills hawked by drug companies.
I barely listen to the litany of ads bidding for my attention.
After all, I have better things to do.