THE MANSION MURDERS: Musings about a tragedy.

THE MANSION MURDERS: Musings about a tragedy.
Like many other Americans, I have been transfixed (okay, obsessed) by last week’s tragic murders of a family in an affluent section of Washington DC.
The horrific cruelty that ended four lives is something that civilized creatures can neither understand nor endure.I won’t dwell on the details–they are far too painful. I focused instead on the comments sections in the Washington Post. There over 300 readers and counting expressed sentiments ranging from analytical (reasonably sound theories about the crime)to disheartening. The usual procession of race-baiters surfaced (Obviously an act by minorities); rabid gun advocates and naysayers suggested that the father should have carried a gun at all times); and class warriors bemoaned the coverage because the victims were wealthy. Amid these distractions the loss of two loving parents, their hard-working housekeeper and an innocent 10 year old boy can be muted.
May these tortured souls rest in peace & may the miscreants who
took their lives enter the 9th circle for all eternity.

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